Classical Antiquities - 600 B.C. - 500 A.D.

Roman bronze vessel support in swan shape




   Roman bronze vessel or casket leg in the form of a swan with widely outstretched wings and head resting on left shoulder.
   Chest and wings detailed in cast to simulate feathers, with detailed eye.

   Swan-shaped zoomorphic supports have been studied in England by archaeologist M.Henig in the article
   "Zoomorphic Supports of Cast Bronze from Roman sites in Britain", in Archaeological Journal, issue 127, 1970

   Cast bronze, good condition though uneven patina. Nice details. Very elegant model.

   Material : Bronze, chocolate-brown patina, red-cuprite and dark patina areas
   Origin : Presumably U.K.
   Provenance : London art market
   Dimensions : H. : 7,7 cm
   Period : II-III c. A.D.

        Ref. : r-141


   Price & Condition : 500 EUROS -




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