Classical Antiquities - 600 B.C. - 500 A.D.

Hellenistic Greek Terracotta Figure of a Victory from Myrina, Theodotos workshop




   Rare victory figure from the renowned city of Myrina (Asia Minor), considered the Tanagra of the Hellenistic times.

   The most typical figures of Myrina terracotta production were Erotes and Victories. There are walking and flying victories. Some have wings.
   Two small holes in the back of our victory's shoulders were designed for the addition of such wings, but it doest not mean the wings are actually missing :
   Myrina figures were produced using standard moulds (differing from one workshop to another), one for the head, one or more for the body, and one or more
   for the arms. The standard mould for the victory's body had holes for the optional wings.

   Myrina figures were placed in tombs as a company to the dead. Archaeologists consider that most were broken on purpose at the time of the funerals.
   This figure was also broken, and restored (from 4 pieces) with the tip of the right hand missing. The break of the arm is still very visible.

   Close examples from the same moulds are in the collection of the Louvre museum in Paris
   In the Catalogue Raisonné des Figurines et Reliefs en terre cuite, T.II, Myrina by Simone Mollard Besques, (Paris, 1963),
   several figures or figure parts are clearly equivalent, in shape and size, and must therefore come from the same mould and the same workshop,
   most probably that of Theodotos, whose monogram is visible on a part of his production.

   For instance the same body mould was used for MYR 172, M 66 and Bo 44. The Bo44 figure, using the same head mould as well, has exactly the same size.
   The head mould, looking slightly down, with an elegant headdress and large earrings, is also the same as the Louvre MYRINA 1400 reference.

   Two large holes in the back (see below) are from origin. They are the result of the moulding process, and found on all such figures.

   Material : Pale orange Terracotta, encrustations, restorations
   Origin : Myrina, Greek Asia Minor
   Provenance : Paris art market
   Dimensions : Diam. : 22 cm
   Period : I c. B.C.

        Ref. : r-140


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