Classical Antiquities - 600 B.C. - 500 A.D.

Greek Attic Black-Figure Amphora, Group of Brussels R309



   A so-called "small-neck amphora" from the early V c. B.C. painted with black figures.

   The amphora belongs to / is near the Group of Brussels R309, after the eponym vase in the Musées Royaux de Bruxelles.
   According to Beazley, the late British specialist of Attic vase painters, all "Group" vases may well be from the same hand.

   On face displays an "arming" scene, with 5 figures :

   The arming warrior has the foot on a crested helmet. Hermes is wearing a white hat.
   The scene is exactly the same as on the small-neck amphora from the group of Brussels R309 #331242, except that, on our vase, the dog is missing,
   and the standing warrior is turned to the left.

   The other face shows DIONYSOS WITH DRINKING HORN BETWEEN SATYRS DANCING, again, a frequent scene by the Group of Brussels R309.

   Under one handle, a swan (as in B-R309 vase #331243)

   Red and white additions to the painting.

   The body is intact, but the two handles have been reattached, as well as a part of the lip. No repainting was made.
   Discolorations, lacks of painting. However a nice piece.

   Material : terracotta, black, red and white painting
   Origin : Attic workshop, Athens, Greece
   Provenance : Private French collection, Credit Municipal de Paris auction sale, 2007
   Dimensions : H. : 16 cm
   Period : 500-450 B.C.

        Ref. : r-145


   Price : SOLD - to be informed by e-mail when a similar item becomes available.


      Bibliography : Attic Black-Figures Vase Painters, Sir John D.Beazley, Oxford 1956

      Litterature : Other Vases from the Group of Brussels R309 in the Beazley Archive : # 13593, 331242, 331243, 331244, 331245. Images cannot be reproduced.






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