Classical Antiquities - 600 B.C. - 500 A.D.

Germanic / Late Celtic Iron Spearhead



   Very fine Celtic iron speahead. Prominent central ridge, leaf shape. Socketed.

   Spearheads very close in shape have been found in the moors of Vimose in Danemak. This weapon can be associated with early germanic tribes.

   See p.228 in catalog, "Sieg und Triumpf, der Norden im Schatten des Römischen Reiches", Nationalmuseet 2003.

   The iron is exceptionally well conserved, a tribute to the advanced iron technologies of the European culture, celtic or germanic as well,
   at the turn of the millenium. Very small chips to one blade.

   Material : Iron
   Origin : Germany
   Provenance : Germany's art market
   Dimensions : L. : 16 cm
   Period : II-I c. B.C.

        Ref. : r-143


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