Classical Antiquities - 600 B.C. - 500 A.D.

Archaic Greece Bronze Bassin Handle



   A fine and rare bronze handle from a large bassin, typical of late Archaïc Greece.
   The handle is composed of two opposed lions, separated by a large flower button, and snake-shaped terminals - one is missing.

   Greek bronze vessels were generally produced by hammering, and decorared with handles and ornaments cast separately and riveted to the vessel.

   Displayed on a custom stand.

   A very similar bassin handle from the same period is on diplay in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (link),
   with the shape of the flower button as the most significant difference.

   Material : Bronze
   Provenance : ex.Paris auction sale
   Dimensions : H. : 15,5 cm
   Period : End VI c. B.C. - early V c. B.C.

        Ref. : r-126


   Price : SOLD - to be informed by e-mail when a similar item becomes available.



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