Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-classical Europe - 1500 A.D. - 1800 A.D.

   Procession cross, early XVI th century

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Beautiful processional cross from the early 16th century
Puy de Dôme or Massif Central

On one side a beautiful corpus of Christ around 1500, surmounted by the titulus INRI, and on the other side of a Madonna and Child applique , surmounted by a canopy, and surrounded by figures of the Virgin or Mary Magdalen and St John.
Close to the processional crosses of Cassaniouze, Lavangeot in the Jura or Vitteaux in Côte d'Or which come perhaps from the same workshop.
The upheaval of iconography, as is often the case with those crosses used regularly for centuries is explained by successive repairs. Thus the appliques of the Virgin and St John placed on the branches should be placed on the other side on both sides of the corpus, and not around the Virgin and Child.

The knot is decorated with medallions with lilies in the Florentine or Italian shape.
Height: 70 cm - width: 49 cm
Embraced on a wooden base decorated with velvet and gold thread.


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