Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-classical Europe - 1500 A.D. - 1800 A.D.

   Figure of the Immaculate Conception, southern Italy, circa 1750


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   On a Rococo pedestal embellished with gilding is the globe of the universe lost in clouds populated by cherubs, on which the Virgin is standing with hands joined, slightly swaying and draped in a large veil swirling in a Baroque movement.

   The theme of the Immaculate Conception will experience continued growth in Catholic countries especially after the Council of Trent, especially in Latin countries, Italy, Spain, Portugual, and South America. Besides the dominant iconography of the Virgin and Child, it is the Virgin Conception that we find most often.

   Neapolitan and Sicilian workshops frequently worked alabaster, next to coral, ivory and metal, for private devotion productions, saints and nurseries, or most monumental works.

   Lacks visible: on the face of the Virgin and a few angels, fingers of the Virgin, small drapery accidents. A small puncture in the top of the cap hosted a now missing silver crown.

   Carved from a single block of alabaster with a slight pink coloration, additional gilding
   Mid-eighteenth century
   Southern Italy. Neapolitan or Sicilian workshops (Trapani)
   Height : 24 cm

        Ref. : md-265  

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