Migration Period - Early Medieval Times - 400 - 800 A.D.

Ostrogothic Silver Buckle-Plate w. garnet & glass inlays



   Impressive buckle-plate of the Ostrogoths / Ancient Germanic Tribes

   Buckle terminations in bird of prey heads shape, typical of the gothic jewelry and apparel.
   The pin itself is cast in the shape of a bird head.

   The plate is composed of several layers kept in place by heavy silver rivets.
   The front plate is decorated with scrolling waves and a central glass inlay in cabochon.

   Material : Silver pin and buckle, silver plates with remaining gold gilt, garnets and glass inlays
   Origin : Eastern Europe
   Provenance : Munich, Germany Antiquities Dealer
   Period : VI th c. A.D.
   Dimensions : Length : 11,4 cm ; Width : 6 cm

        Ref. : m-013 Ost-gotische Silberne Gürtelschliesse


   Price : SOLD - to be informed by e-mail when a similar item becomes available.


   Equivalent : listed in Christie's 6/4/99 sales #173 at $3000.

   Bibliography : N.A.


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