Migration Period - Early Medieval Times - 400 - 800 A.D.

Frankish / Merovingian " Francisca " Battle Axe



   The emblematic throwing battle axe of the Frankish / Merovingian soldiers ("frankisk").

   In profiled shape, the iron part was designed for throwing. Well balanced, the axe flies in a rolling movement,
   well controled by the thrower after years of practice.

   Thrown along with spears, heavy franciscas were able to create chaos in the ennemy lines, "crushing shields and helmets".

   The francisca, as opposed to the scramasax short sword, was only used in battle. Its price and the short blade made it unqualified for other, domestic purposes.

   Heavily rusted. Partly treated for conservation. Visible lacks.

   Material : Iron
   Origin : France
   Provenance : Paris auction house
   Period : V - VI c.A.D.
   Dimensions : Length : 16 cm

        Ref. : m-057

    Merovingische Franciska


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