Migration Period - Early Medieval Times - 400 - 800 A.D.

Merovingian "aquitain" buckle plate, back plate and brooch



   Merovingian bronze apparel ornaments typical of the VII c. A.D. "aquitain" complex.

   The large buckle plate - in length 18,5 cm - is "aquitain" is shape, with large protruding discs. The ornamentation is composed
   of four registers with intertwinned bands. The decoration is cast, perhaps sharpened by engraving.

   The plate has three very large bosses, one missing, which are strictly ornamental, the belt and the plate being attached
   through four loops in the back. The plate and the buckle are separated. The pin is missing.

   The back-plate was mounted to the middle of the belt, being this visible from the back. It is engraved with a central ornament
   with four legs terminated in croziers, perhaps a swastika variation, framed by several registers of lines and zigzags.
   formerly ornamented by four bosses, now missing.

   The last item of the lot is a partial "caterpillar" brooch with a very nice, complex, scene of interlaced animals
   in the "Germanic zoomorphic style II". Two heads and two feet are clearly visible (see below). Had it been complete, it would have been a rare item.

   The four items were found together, as shown in a early XX c. photograph joined with the lot. At this time, the missing part of the brooch was present,
   unfortunately lost by the owners.

   Material : Bronze
   Origin : France
   Provenance : Paris auction sale (Drouot), found end XIX c. / early XX c.
   Period : VII c.A.D.
   Dimensions : Length : Buckle and plate : 18,5 cm, back plate : 6 cm, brooch : 4 cm

        Ref. : m-053

    Merovingische "Aquitain"-typ Gürtelplate


   Price : SOLD - to be informed by e-mail when a similar item becomes available.




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