Migration Period - Early Medieval Times - 400 - 800 A.D.

Important Merovingian Seal Pieces, attributed to King Clovis II



   A pair of unique and important seal pieces attributed to Merovingian King Clovis II (637-658).
   The first is a seal matrix with two implements designed for application. The matrix is engraved with the reversed letters C L O D O +.
   The second is a seal ring with a crucifom monogram, attached to an implement for application.


   The smaller suspended from an inscribed ring has been studied and published by Maximin Deloche, who was the prominent French specialist
   of merovingian sigillar artefacts and rings in general. Mr.Deloche wrote the main study of Merovingian seal rings (Etude historique
   et archéologique sur les anneaux sigillaires et autres des premiers siècles du Moyen Age, Paris, 1901).

   Maximin Deloche published our seal in the booklet "d'une Pièce Sigillaire de l’Epoque Mérovingienne", Paris, 1909, dedicated only
   to this particular seal ring. This booklet will be sold along with the seal pieces.

   In his 77-pages study, Mr.Deloche demonstrates how this seal ring and the implement for application to a diploma bears characteristics only found
   on seals owned by very powerful people in the Merovingian world.

   Based on his translation of the monogram, he attributes this seal to young prince Clovis II, son of King Dagobert.
   As a King, Clovis II will own a new type of seal similar to other Merovigian Kings' seals.

   Mr.Deloche also demonstrates how the implements attached to the seals were used to prepare the diploma or charter for the seal's application.

   Material : Bronze
   Origin : France
   Provenance : Ex coll. of Mr. du Wicquet de Rodelinghen, distinguished heraldist, Paris, D.1906 - ex. Royal Athena gallery, New York
   Period : Ca. 637-655 AD
   Dimensions : 7,3 and 7,5 cm

        Ref. : m-052

    Merowingische Siegel, Clovis II

   Price & Conditions : Euro 6500 -




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