Medieval Europe - 900 - 1450 A.D.

Early 14 c. Medieval Saint Catherine Statue



   Large statue of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

   Very nice drapery. Above the tunic falling in strong tubular folds to the floor, she is wearing a light veil hold by a clasp on her chest, falling in delicate
   curves on her right side because of the position of her arm. The back of the statue is also carved, her hairs falling nicely.

   Saint Catherine is recognizable by the wheel held in her right hand, that was used to torture her into abjuring Christian Faith, to no avail.
   The missing left hand was most probably holding a sword pointing down, as there is a depression in the socle. Her head was crowned, as usual, and not veiled.

   On a stylistical point of view, the statue is very close to the figures on the choir screen of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, carved between 1319-1351 by Jehan Ravy
   and his nephew Jehan de Bouteillier. This comparison confirms both the datation and the Ile de France origin.

   Visible lacks (head, right hand, some fingers and part of the wheel). Traces of original polychromy.
   The head was probably destroyed by protestant iconoclasts or during the French revolution.

   Some holes in the broken areas show that missing parts were replaced (for religious use or collection purpose in the XIX or early XX c.)
   These replacements were later taken off, according to today's common practice of "derestoration".

   Material : Limestone
   Origin : Ile de France (Paris area), France
   Provenance : French auction sale
   Date : c. 1320-1350 c.
   Dimensions : H. : 76 cm

        Ref. : md-088  

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