Medieval Europe - 900 - 1450 A.D.

   Gilt bronze mount of an angel, XIII th century

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   Very fine gilt bronze mount in the shape of a winged angel standing
   on clouds visible on the lower right corner.

   Similar mounts adorned reliquaries as well as other liturgical,
   but also private works of art.

   The mount is pierced and two rivets remain in place. It was perhaps broken
   during the XVI th c. iconoclasm.

   In style, the angel is XIII th century, with antique-inspired drapery and frontality.

   Very good conservation, except for the broken tip of the left wing, and gilding lacks.

   Material : Gilt bronze
   Origin : U.K. ?
   Provenance : U.K.
   Date : XIII th c.
   Dimensions : Height : 3,2 cm - Width : 3 cm

        Ref. : md-227  

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