Medieval Europe - 900 - 1450 A.D.

15 c. Fragment of a Nottingham Alabaster Relief



   Nice piece from a Nottingham alabaster relief showing the bust of a bearded man, with a backgound of draperies from other figures.

   From the XIV to the XVI c., skillful workshops in Nottingham (UK) produced a large quantity of reliefs for Retables, Altars, Altar Tombs,
   or statues and heads for chapels decoration. Hundreds have also survived outside the U.K., especially in France which was an important customer.

   " The finest material was obtained from the quarries at Chellaston, a few miles south of Derby " (source)

   Despite erosion and weathering, the fragment still displays movement and plastic. In a sense, it has returned to a natural state, like a fossil
   of human artistic activity.

   Material : Alasbaster
   Origin : U.K.
   Provenance : English art market
   Date : end XV c.
   Dimensions : H. : 11 cm - W. : 10 cm - D. : 4 cm

        Ref. : md-106  

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