Medieval Europe - 900 - 1450 A.D.

Limestone figure of Saint Anne teaching the young Virgin to read, early XVI c.



   Statue of Saint Anne, mother of Mary, teaching her daughter to read.

   This statuary group suffered vandalism, perhaps during the French revolution but most probably at the time of protestant iconoclasm - reaching
   its climax in France in 1562-1563. Both heads are missing, as well as the hand of the Virgin

   The subject of Saint Anne teaching her daughter to read appeared in the late XV c. It is a gentle way to approach the humanity of the Savior and His family,
   but also an examplary illustration of the virtues of domestic life, of model to follow for both parents and children. Although this group originates most probably
   from a religious establishment, the early renaissance saw the development of works for private and family devotion : statues, paintings and reliefs.

   The garments are typical of fashion in the early XVI c. the dress is close to the body, retained by a thin belt. The coat retains traces of painted ornaments.
   Saint Anne wears a cloak, held by a rigid, ornamented collar, and pinched on her left side by the arm, resulting in a delicate fall of drapery, which retains
   appearance of late medieval style, while the little Virgin has a small corset.

   This small group, though incomplete, retains some monumentality, and rare polychromy.

   Visible lacks, especially the heads and the hand of the Virgin. The polychromy is original in part, with later additions visible.

   Material : Limestone, extensive polychromy original in part
   Origin : France
   Provenance : French auction sale
   Date : early XVI c.
   Dimensions : H. : 65 cm

        Ref. : md-104  

   Price & Conditions : 3000 EUROS -

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