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       About us

                Antiqueo.com is a gallery of European antiquities & Medieval works of art.

                Our clients include prominent collectors and museums (recently the medieval enamel museum in Limoges, Musée de l'Evêché).

                75017 PARIS, FRANCE - by appointment
                Antiquities On-Line, SARL - 477 743 017 RCS PARIS

       Selling on the Internet

                We understand that buying a work of art on the Internet is not easy for most collectors. We need to demonstrate extra-care while reviewing our items,
                describing them with accuracy, and establishing our opinion. You can contact us at any time for an item condition report, as well as additional pictures.

                Feel free to contact us in order to take the necessary steps to establish confidence with you.


                Our antiquities and artefacts are guaranteed, and come with a lifetime certificate.
                Any item on which an expert in the field were to express any doubt may be returned for a full refund.
                Unless otherwise stated, our artefacts were not restored.


                Our antiquities have been purchased through a network of major galleries and collectors, as well as public sales from renowned auction houses.
                Most of the time, the pieces have been reviewed by seasoned experts in the field before their sale.

                We take special care in assessing the provenance of our pieces.

       Export limitations / Customs Duties

                Some pieces may not be exportable from their country of origin. As Antiqueo is located in France, export licences may be mandatory for items
                above 1500 euros. The process is generally successful, but may require up to several weeks. The request for an export license will be made after payment
                of a part of the item price.
                Please be aware that customs duties may be required. The client is responsible for verification of his country's duties regulations.

                For U.S. clients, we make sure that our transactions respect U.S. laws on antiquities (in particular the 19. Code of Federal Regulations Part 2).

       We purchase ...

                Feel free to contact us if you want to sell a part of your collection. We are especially looking for medieval enamels and bronze works of art.


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